Waste King® Commerical – Model 1500
1 1/2 Horsepower Disposer
Rough-In Dimensions with drain line connections
Cone Mounted Models
Sink Mounted Models with #2539
Sink Mount Installation – Special Order Only 
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Medium size restaurants with as much difficult food waste as results from the variety of an average menu and heavy volume.

Waste King® Exclusives
  • Anti-Jam Swivel Impellers rotate out of the way of an impending jam, then fall back into grinding position, pulverizing waste particles
  • Stainless Steel Undercutter Blade located beneath the grind ring snips fibrous and stringy waste into small particles making them less likely to clog drain lines
  • Hush-Cushions® isolate the unit from metal to metal contact, significantly reducing noise level. Hush-Cushions® are specially compounded and designed to withstand vibration and tension, and have a built-in safety splash guard
  • 1 1/2 HP disposer, dual voltage
  • Fan cooled motor with ball bearing construction, and integral overload protection
  • Dynamically balanced for smooth, long wearing operation
  • Hush Cushion® mounting connection for 6″ cone or sink opening includes an auxiliary water inlet
  • Stainless steel grind chamber
  • Corrosion proof, glass reinforced polyester exit chamber
  • 6 1/4″ Diameter stainless steel turntable
  • 2 Jam resistant, hardened stainless steel swivel impellers with tungsten carbide inserts
  • Stainless steel undercutter blade
  • Hard, tough, cast alloy grind ring with dual stage grinding action
  • Lifetime particle size control by non-wearing exit slots
Mounting Systems
Sink Mount Assembly (SM) Trough Mount Assembly (TM) Basic Cone Assembly (B) All-Purpose Cone Assembly (AP) Dish Table Cone Assembly (DT)
#2539 31/2″ Bolt-in adapter for suspended models with 6″ throat #2536 6″ Weld-in flange for models with 6″ throat 12″, 15″, or 18″ Cone with Swirl Sprays 12″, 15″, or 18″ Cone with Swirl Sprays 12″, 15″, or 18″ Cone with Swirl Sprays
      Silver Guard 12″, 15″, or 18″ Cone Cover
      Scrap Ring Scrap Ring
Models 1500-1 and 1500-3 are equipped with a drain outlet for connection to a conventional 1 1/2″ trap. The trap may be connected to a 2″ branch waste line running directly into a waste stack. We recommend a slope in the waste line of not less than 1/4″ per foot. Connect directly to waste line, not through a grease interceptor.
Motor Data

1500-1 60 cycle 1 Phase 1 1/2 HP 1725 RPM 110-120/220-240 volts 50/60hz 14.4/7.2 amps
1500-3 60 cycle 3 Phase 1 1/2 HP 1725 RPM 208-240/460 volts 50/60hz 4.4/2.2 amps
Bearing permanently lubricated. Manual reset overload protection in motor.


Disposer assembly includes disposer, mountings, and drain outlet. Other items shown in gray are available in mounting systems or ordered separately. Installation should be made in accordance with local codes. All specifications subject to change without notice. Assembly should be installed in accordance with Waste King’s printed installation instructions.
* Items available through Waste King

To Specifiers
So that you may be assured of receiving the fine quality you expect when you specify a WASTE KING® FOOD WASTE REMOVAL SYSTEM, we include the following sample specification for your convenience: Food waste disposer shall be 1 1/2 HP, 60 cycle, 1 Phase with 110-120/220-240 volts 50/60hz, or 3 Phase with 208-240/460 volts 50/60hz. There shall be a rubber Hush Cushion® between the disposer and the cone or sink to eliminate metal to metal contact. Turntable shall be of stainless steel with jam-resistant swivel impellers of hardened stainless steel with Tungsten carbide inserts. Turntable shall have stainless steel cutting blades rotating below the exit slots Grind ring shall be precision ground on all cutting surfaces and shall have non-wearing, size controlled exit slots. Disposer shall have a totally enclosed, continuous duty, fan cooled motor with integral overload protection. Unit shall be Waste King® model 1500-1 or 1500-3.
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